Planned Parenthood and Abortion



“…reckless breeding,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.” – Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood)

Even hearing the name Planned Parenthood immediately brings a flood of thoughts to nearly all individuals’ minds. To some, Planned Parenthood is merely somewhere that offers free birth control and access to a woman’s right to abortion. For others, this title may be far more than that. Some may see what Planned Parenthood is doing as not merely questionable, but downright evil. Here, I will simply present the ugly history of this institution, its founder, and finally demonstrate how the original, twisted mission is still thriving today.

Non-Profits: How Beneficical are They Really?



John Hopkins University states that if NGOs were a country, they would “have the fifth largest economy in the world.” This being said, it is clear that nonprofits and NGOs have a clear, real influence and effect in Haiti. From the immediate response to crisis, it extends prolonged existence within hundreds of countries, these organizations have countless effects, for better or for ill. Immediate effects of NGOs are overwhelmingly positive, but the long-term effects lead to dependence upon said organizations as well as the perpetuation of poverty in the country of Haiti.