Planned Parenthood and Abortion



“…reckless breeding,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.” – Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood)

Even hearing the name Planned Parenthood immediately brings a flood of thoughts to nearly all individuals’ minds. To some, Planned Parenthood is merely somewhere that offers free birth control and access to a woman’s right to abortion. For others, this title may be far more than that. Some may see what Planned Parenthood is doing as not merely questionable, but downright evil. Here, I will simply present the ugly history of this institution, its founder, and finally demonstrate how the original, twisted mission is still thriving today.

At its inception, Planned Parenthood was a eugenics program. Founded in 1916, Margret Sanger became fearful of the poor and differently colored immigrants flooding into America. Her reaction to this influx was xenophobic to the point of creating a goal to eliminate the “poor breeding” through a process called eugenics. At this link you will find the many racist motives behind Planned Parenthood and its creator. This extreme stance on Planned Parenthood is also shared partly in the black community, and was even contended by political figure Ben Carson. It will become apparent why this is the case in the following paragraphs.

Surely, Planned Parenthood has been seen denying any claims such as these as “downright false,” but the history and the current facts assert otherwise. No matter what Planned Parenthood argues, however vehemently, it is undeniable that Margret Sanger would be deeply pleased with how this clinic and abortion center is operated today. Tragically, black children in the womb are three times more likely to be killed in the womb than that of a white child.

Furthermore, Planned Parenthood is predominantly placed in minority neighborhoods. In fact, 80% of their clinics can be found in poor places such as this; this fact seems to offset any sort of coincidence. Since the legalization of Roe v. Wade in 1973, the black population has been reduced by as much as 25%. This is not simply a statistic, but a real, tangible, fact. Planned Parenthood perpetuates a racist lie that minority parents are unable to take of their kids, and even worse that it is better to not bring that person into the world at all. I would contend rather that we must empower, equip, and encourage those most vulnerable in our United States.

Poorer and minority peoples are told they are not strong or able enough to endure through pregnancies and child rearing, so they are simply encouraged to abort the child. While Planned Parenthood makes this a woman’s rights issue, Margret Sanger would be nonetheless be pleased with the vast reduction of minority populations. This should be troubling to many, but the problem is that this ugly history is obviously not plastered on any popular news source.

Of course, it is easy to encourage abortion to those who seem to be without options, and this is not meant to be a brow beating to those who have had to make such a decision. Rather, I am intending to empower those carrying children to believe what has happened to them is indeed worth persevering through. I say this because enduring such turmoil can add one more child made in God’s image to this world, and that is why every life is important and intrinsically valuable. I would carry a bag of stones around on my back for however long it takes if it means that just one of those children would be born. What I long for is not to make people ever feel guilty or shamed, but to fight for the real lives that exist in the womb of every mother.

As the video below states as well, I simply wish that a children would never be seen as merely an option, not even an obligation, but ultimately a gift from God. The man sitting on the left of the video discusses wishing that we could come to a point in society where we would not need to have vehement debates on what a person is. At the conclusion of this video, Jackie Hill Perry concludes this notion by saying “a person is you.” And undeniably, all people you see today were at one point in the womb of a woman, and hopefully they were not simply seen as a choice.

Tragically still, the abortion rate for children who are suspected to have Down syndrome is nearly 70%. However, this is only in America. In Britain, for example, this rate is seen skyrocketing to around 90%, as stated in this article. Worse yet, this is so often the case in Denmark that they are believed to be without a single case of Down syndrome in around 10 years.

Now, one might initially think that a world without worrying about this setback would be a better. After all, it could be easier on kids, easier on parents, etc. If one were to think this, then one would be following right in the footsteps of Margret Sanger. This is exactly the notion of eugenics. Rid the bad genes through the process of abortion or euthanasia, then we arrive to a society above any other society in history. Of course, the side effect of this is that one is forced to view the people with “bad genes” as essentially not people. This happened in Germany, it happened with slavery, and it can happen in modern Western civilization.

Hopefully we can arrive to the realization that the origin and perpetuation of Planned Parenthood’s intent is downright dehumanizing. There is no way to scientifically back up this idea of abortion, either. From the first cell, the fetus is a completely different being than the either parent. In fact, the cells that come together from each parent uniquely combine to make something distinct from all other people. There is no way to make a cohesive argument in support of abortion from this perspective.

Simply put, this is a right to life issue. It is not a power demonstration over women, but rather championing and cherishing the great opportunity women have to bring life into the world. Our culture has come to the point wherein we question the foundations of personhood itself, and Christians must be prepared to speak out on behalf of the intrinsic value of life, regardless of color, beliefs, disease, etc. So, let us speak out against the eliminating the lives of developing children because we trace our ethics to the God who ordained the universe into being.

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